Style Stash X MissMalini: How To Make A Nude Dress Work For Spring!


Well, there goes my not-so-polished and occasionally edgy wardrobe out the window. By now everyone knows that my style leans more towards the quirky side of things. Howevertoday,on a very boring but quite promising mid-week, working day (its Thursday if you lost track) Im bringing you a new post on springs massive trend that will have all you fashion girls in love! Any guesses? The nude dress! Dressing in nudes and beige is fashions go-to colour at the moment.

This month I got my hands on the cutest off-shoulder, nude mini dress, and Im absolutely in love with it. Nude is the fashion colour du jour and every celebrity on the fashion block has been rocking it with sheer elegance.


Keeping the look minimal and super classy, I paired it with a chunky bling necklace, tintedlips for a fresh look and a top-knot.

See, what I mean? Adding a shimmering necklace to your nudes helps breathe some new life into the outfit.

Style Tip:

  1. If glam isnt really your style, then add a dash of a colour to your nudes with minimal accessories. It will make your outfit look great.
  2. Having astatement necklace, a scarf or chunky earrings can be a total lifesaver for your outfit. Theyre super trendy too!


Consider splurging on a nude this spring and I promise you wont regret it!

P.S: If you are loving my chunky necklace, you can get it here!

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Pix: Ishira Kumar

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