How To Nail The High-Waisted Jeans Look!


I have always fancied a good pair of high-waisted jeans and recently spotted the perfect one for me (it fits me perfectly) at TopShop.†Obviously, I bought them. And why do I love them so? They donít require you to have a flat tummy and they make your legs look longer. Itís a win/win situation. Iím pretty short! Iíll take that any day! This week, Iím going to show you, how you can style the high-waisted jeans like a pro!


Nothing flatters your frame like a waist-cinching, high-waist pair of jeans. Trust me, it gives even skinny girls like me that extra tush and the perfect curves.

I chose to pair my high-waisted, Moto jeans from TopShop with an oversized, white button-down shirt, which knotted on the waist for a cropped look. I loved the Ď90s style and itís really making a comeback, which is why I add grunge touches to my look, like the choker. †My choker and ankle boots make all the magic happen with this outfit.


Ladies, itís time to fully embrace the high-waisted trend. This bottom is a perfect piece for wearing with casual or embellished tops. Style away!


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Pics: Marie-Therese Hildenbrandt

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