The Cool Girl Way To Wear Your Floral Shirt For Fall

Sheefa in Lalalilo, Zara & H&M

Yes, I agree the floral trend is a springtime given. However, let’s not forget, flowers are too easy to pull out and can quickly look old fashioned, nostalgic and fall time appropriate. So shake it up! Bring a surprising edge to your vintage-inspired greens, deep pinks, and creams. Here’s how I wore my favourite floral top for fall.

Sheefa in Lalalilo, Zara & H&M

Always remember, dark floral prints mixed with grunge-inspired details will put a ‘90s spin on your go-to spring style. The easiest way to donning a look for everyday wear would be sticking to one floral garment or accessory which is usually enough. I opted for a floral blouse in deep pink and paired it with my ripped, studded shorts and boots to keep the ‘90s vibe alive. I avoided colour-pop clutches or ‘fun’ accessories to keep the dark mood on point.

Sheefa in Lalalilo, Zara & H&M

Trust me, don’t try too hard. Embrace it! Put on some dark pink lips and get on with it.

Style Tip: Paired with a leather jacket and stilettos, there’s no doubt the trendy top could carry you all the way to cocktail hour.

Personally, I am not a huge fan of floral patterns, in general, BUT, I love the dark floral trend. Give it a try and definitely have fun with it.

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Pix: Marie-Therese Hildenbrandt

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