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Sheefa in Blackkbox

Whoever said sunglasses were only meant for the summer, definitely needs to get out more. Sunnies are no longer only an accessory just for the summer. A sassy pair of shades are a year-round necessity, and choosing the right pair of sunnies is as vital as picking the perfect wintry coat. This week, I’m setting my sight on sunglasses with enough swag to punch up any outfit. Here are a few of the ones I’ve tried and tested!


P.SRaybans are no longer the current alpha choice in sunglasses. So, if you are looking for some really cool shades, then here are some power-frames you need to get your hands on STAT!

Go Bright

To make your dull winters bright, pick out the coolest and the most colourful sunnies on the rack. You could either opt for sunglasses with coloured reflectors or all-black sunglasses with coloured frames, just like I did.  You can get ’em here!

Sheefa in The Bling Store

The Retro House

The sunglasses from the ‘60s and ‘70s have also made a comeback this season. So get ready, it’s time to revive your glamorous and chic look. These frames look fresh and really cool, right? Here‘s where you can get them.

Sheefa in Blackkbox

The Boxy Squares

In love the Olsen twins? Here‘s how you can get their totally badass look for super cheap! #WINNING

Koovs Square Sunglasses

The Cat Eye

This one’s for the girls that want to keep their inner wild-child alive and yet look sophisticated AF? These sunnies will have you covered. Shop them here.

ASOS Metal Cat Eye Sunglasses

The Square Aviators

Want to stand out of the crowd? Well, this season, try the modern and sporty aviator style. It has just the right balance to spice up any outfit with a modern and classic feel. Get them here!

Missguided Square Aviator Sunglasses

o sum it all up, sunglasses do matter. And they just might be the most high-profile accessory you need this year. It’s time to shop for some sunnies that make you feel as fabulous asBeyoncé.

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Pix: Lynnly Benson

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